Not that I care if anyone knows about my new tattoo or what they think, I just thought it would be easier to wright out my explanation for what the tattoo is about and why I got it. It might be hard to tell from the picture but I got my tattoo done above my knee.
    Over all the piece is about my childhood and growing up. The main subject in the foreground is a Mourning Dove. Like most people when I was younger I road the bus everyday to school. Above the the bus stop there was a tree with a Mourning Dove’s nest in it. I listed to the Dove’s sing every morning for about 9 years. Whenever I see or hear a Mourning Dove now I think of my home and younger years as child.
    The second main component is the key that the bird is sitting on. This key represents two things. The first is the universal concept of cause and effect. I try to live without regret and I feel that I am the person I am to day based on the series of choices I’ve made,  whether or not it was for the good or the bad. I take responsibility in myself and for my actions and the implications. The key also symbolizes history, both the history of my people and of others. It’s a reminder of open mindedness and giving people the benefit of the doubt.
    The eye at the top center of the composition is not an eye of god, but rather an eye of wisdom and represents knowledge in its entirety shedding light on the dove. It shows the everlasting quest of  knowledge and its effect on my life. Under the eye are three circles. The top right circle is the astrological symbol for Earth. I feel that people should work together for a greater good. We all are a part of this planet and therefor should take responsibility in care for it and one another. The left circle is the number zero, a symbol for “The Fool” in Major Arcana from the Tarot cards. The Fool is a youth with optimism carrying only the essentials for his journey. He is hopeful, courageous, and is looking for new opportunities and beginnings. The number zero also represents science,logic, and truth. With out the concept of Zero our modern form of mathematics would not function and out basis of knowledge, logic, and science would not exist. The last circle in the center represents the universe, the cycle of life, and our existence. We all share a connection and the cycle always continues.  
    Like I said before, this tattoo is overall a symbol of my childhood. The things I learned, the mistakes I made, the loving family I come from. Not most people would say this but I think I had a perfect childhood, I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope this tattoo will help me continue the morals and values I’ve developed, and no matter where I go in this world, whenever I look at this I’ll think of home and the people that love me. 

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